bespoke play area

Climbing Frame, Knutsford, Cheshire

Bespoke Play Area and Climbing Frame

This disused space has been completely transformed with a comprehensive bespoke play area. Unlike off-the-shelf climbing frames, this has been built into the existing space, hiding the garage wall with a play den and obscuring the trampoline with a wooden pergola construction that will be planted with sweet jasmine and clematis. This climbing area was designed with maximum fun in mind, it incorporates a cargo net, monkey bars, wooden steppingstones, slide, swing and trapeze bar - an enormous amount of play equipment in a relatively small space, it will provide years of fun!

Ipe decking

Decking, Sale, Cheshire

Split Level Ipe Decking

This decking was made from grade 1 ipe, which is a beautiful durable hardwood. This fabulous split level circular deck was built flush with the bifold doors, enabling seamless integration of the two spaces on a sunny day. The lower circular area can hold table and chairs without any detriment to the view from the house. The Cheshire brick planters contain standard box trees and box hedging creating a timeless, classic look. There is also integral lighting to ensure this space can be enjoyed during the evenings as well as sunny days.