Decking with integrated Spa

Outdoor and home hot tubs and spa features have become increasingly popular over the last 12 months. With various lockdowns and spa facilities closing, this particular type of decking service has been highly requested with homeowners looking to take advantage of the time being spent at home.

Previously, you may have seen hot tubs plonked on the patio taking up valuable space. With Cheshire Decking & Garden Rooms, we can implement decking with spa features integrated within the deck to streamline the height and space of both the decking and your garden.

Key Features

  • 16m x 4m deck spanning rear of property
  • Integrated the spa within the decking, streamlining space, reducing height and providing ease of access.
  • Decking made in charcoal grey, composite deck boards with contrasting pale grey edging
  • Integrated perimeter lighting

For further information on our decking services, including our spa decking features, please do not hesitate to contact Cheshire Decking & Garden Rooms.

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