The Garden Room Gym

Over the last 12 months, I’m sure at some point we have had to drag ourselves outside with very little motivation to create a makeshift garden gym, or pay over the odds for gym equipment.

Well with a garden room, more and more customers have contacted Cheshire Decking & Garden Rooms looking to covert additional space into a garden gym. With a garden room, not only will this make a stunning addition to your home and garden, they’re also full insulated for use all year round – so you can make the most of your garden gym even in the colder months!

Architecturally beautiful and finished in natural materials, this fantastic garden gym houses a cross trainer, foldaway climbing wall with plenty more space to act as a home yoga studio. If you’re in need for more movitation, this particular garden room gym also has a computer monitor with an Amazon firestick so can be used for steaming movies and television series, along with acting as a stereo system for your workout playlists!

Key Features

  • Additional space, housing gym equipment including a cross trainer and climbing wall along with creating a location for a home yoga studio.
  • Can also be converted into a teen hangout and/or a guest bedroom for visitors
  • Constructed of rustic loglap and double glazed windows and doors
  • Fully insulated walls floor and ceiling to ensure year round usage
  • Recessed multicolour dimmable spotlights for mood setting and ample plug sockets

For further information on our decking services, including our spa decking features, please do not hesitate to contact Cheshire Decking & Garden Rooms.

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